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MIB 2022/2023 Season Competition List


JULY 27-30th, 2022

Experience the Magic of Music City!


Join us for the 2nd stop on the MIB Tour at Volunteer State Dance Challenge. Enjoy the warm and energetic atmosphere in the ballroom, then experience a one of kind evening in downtown Nashville!


Volunteer State Dance Challenge has hosted Gentlemen Only Scholarships for many years and looks forward to adding the special MIB Tour Event! 


The extraordinary evening planned for you will take place at the House of Cards, Nashville’s most unique dining and entertainment venue. Gourmet dining and craft cocktails served in an elegant, secret underground location! Once inside the unmarked door, you will be amazed at the multimillion dollar art collection, Houdini authentic memorabilia, and LIVE magic performed throughout the 10,000 square foot establishment by the nation’s leading magicians!


Afterwards, walk up and down Broadway and explore all the different music offerings!!


Dress code is jackets and dress shirts required by the restaurant. No jeans or sneakers. Also, no photography allowed.

David Medeiros - vsdc2.jpg


AUGUST 10-14, 2022

Hello Leaders!!!!!


Eric and Michelle couldn’t be more excited about being a part of the Men In Black Dance Tour!  The Heart of America Dancesport Championships has historically been an event where over 30% of the entries danced are by Leader Pro/Am students!  Hosting fantastic leader competitors has become a tradition that began over a decade ago when LeRoy and Ginny Walters offered an impromptu Gentlemen’s American Smooth Scholarship during their Saturday night event as a Thank You for all of the Gentlemen that had participated.  In the following years more and more Leader Only Events were added and the tradition of strong leader competition at Heart of America continued and thrived.  To participate in the MIB Tour is a perfect extension of what is already so much a part of the heart of our event.  We cannot wait to host and celebrate you all on our dance floor!


Speaking of celebrating, we are also excited  for our MIB Tour outing together at the Kansas City Top Golf!  Enjoy dinner, drinks and golf games played at their amazing outdoor tiered facility.  Whether you’ve never picked up a golf club or you play with a scratch handicap, fun will be had by all!  We will head out Friday when everyone’s dancing is complete!  More details to come as we get closer to the event


Can't wait to see everyone on the dance floor!


~ Eric and Michelle Hudson




NOVEMBER 15th -20th, 2022

Information Coming Soon

ohio star ball.png
The VO Logo FINAL bw.jpg


MARCH 2nd - 4th, 2023

Information Coming Soon

Jonathan Roberts - 6242D6D9-0D47-4C94-942D-10A635EDB3B3.jpeg


APRIL 4-8, 2023

Season FInale

Hello from the Beach Bashers- Jonathan, Michael and Toni.


We are so excited and proud to be a part of the MIB tour and want to invite all of you to join us again, or for the first time! The Ballroom Beach Bash is run a little differently than most competitions. We have a relaxed beach vibe (since we are actually on the beach) with a very high level of competition. Fun times, Fierce Competition!! We start with our Nightclub dances outside at the pool bar on a large club size floor where you will dance under the stars! The rest of the week is filled with all levels of dancing and styles.


We have worked to support Leaders dancing from the creation of Beach Bash and were very proud to have 32 gentleman competitors entered in our Leaders Supreme Smooth scholarship in 2019, which is we believe the first time a gentleman only event has had a 1st round. As the final event of the MIB tour we have created a fabulous social event for you all to enjoy. Friday evening we will turn the presidential suite of the hotel into the Beach Bash Speakeasy! Cigars, whiskey and wine tasting, cocktails and a cocktail making class, poker & other games, fire pit looking over the beach and many many more surprises! We look forward to hosting you all and supporting the “Leaders” in our great dance industry!



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