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About Us

The MIB Dance Mission is to help promote, support, and grow the sport of ballroom dancing for amateur men & their professional dance partners in the United States. Providing a tour that focuses on creating fun, positive, competitive experiences for the amateur competitors; as well as teaming up with the Leading Follows Pro Awards to recognize and award the hard work and dedication of the women professionals in our industry.
Rhythm AmPro
Heart of America Dancesport 2019

The MIB Grand Tour

The Tour for Am-Pro Dancing

From over 130 competitions nationwide, only 6 events have been chosen by MIB Dance for this season's Grand Tour. You can be confident that these competitions are not only dedicated but also enthusiastic about supporting and providing top notch competitive experiences for Am-.Pro Teams.

What is Am-Pro?

A two person team consisting of an Amateur

Leader & Professional Follower taking part in

ballroom dance competitions.


Grand Tour Top Teacher Purse $32,000!

Sponsored by the Leading Follows Tour

25 Scholarships Every Competition

Bronze, Silver, Open

2 Age Categories

All 4 Styles

PLUS the All In Smooth

Grand Tour Awards

Who will be this season's...

MIB Grand Champion

MIB Smooth Champion

MIB Rhythm Champion

MIB Ballroom Champion

MIB Latin Champion

MIB Overall Style Champion


MIB Rookie of the Season

Fun Off the Dance Floor

MIB Dance and the competition organizers are providing Am-Pro Teams an opportunity to relax and enjoy a special planned social event each competition.

ready to dance ballroom competition



an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.


Current Standings will be updated after each competition. We appreciate your patience.

"The dance is over, the applause subsided, but the joy and feeling will stay with you forever."
~W.M Tory

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MIB Tour Dates

Click here to find out what each competition organizer on the tour has planned for you!

 2023/2024 Season

Season Opener 2023/2024 

May 2nd-7th, 2023

Emerald Ball 

Los Angles, CA

presented by

Wayne & Donna Eng

Website & Info

Social Info


July 26-29th, 2023

Volunteer State Dance Challenge

Nashville, TN

presented by

David Medeiros

Website & Info

August 9-12th, 2023

Heart of America Dancesport Championships

Kansas City, MO

presented by

Eric & Michelle Hudson

Website & Info

November 14th-19th, 2023

Ohio Star Ball

Columbus, OH

presented by

Sam Sodano

Website & Info

February 29- March 2nd, 2024

Vegas Open Dance Challenge

Las Vegas, NV

presented by

Maria Hansen & Mikal Watkins

Website & Info

Season Finale

April 2024

San Diego Ballroom Beach Bash

San Diego, CA

presented by

Toni Redpath, Jonathon Roberts & Michael Mead

Website & Info


Next MIB Dance Social 

Volunteer State Dance Challenge

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