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The Pro Awards

Current Leaderboard

Our Pro Awards leaderboard will be updated as points are earned for the new 2025/2026 season.

The Pro Awards

Info & Details

Recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of professionals who have dedicated themselves to improving the ballroom dance industry through education, competitive endeavors, and overall well-being of their students. 

Participation & Rules

  • Professional and Amateur must be registered with the NDCA and current on dues to participate in the tour. 

  • To start participating in the MIB Dance Tour just enter one of the MIB Scholarship or MIB Multi Dance events this season.


  • Scholarship Qualifications: In order to compete in scholarships, you must dance the same number of single dance entries as are included in each scholarship event.

  • For Scholarships competitors may dance in only ONE PROFICIENCY LEVEL (Closed Bronze, Closed Silver, or Advanced) per style. A competitor may only dance in ONE AGE GROUP (A-18-49 or B-50+) per style. You may only enter the scholarship that reflects the highest level of proficiency of single dances entered and danced in that style at that competition.

  • Example: if a competitor dances in the full bronze and pre-silver single dance levels, the competitor may only enter the silver scholarship and must choose one age level in which to compete.

  •  Bronze and silver scholarship events are closed to bronze and silver students respectively.

  • NEW for 2023/2024 Season- Newcomer Multi Dance Events (formally aka Newcomer Championship) are offered in all 4 styles in 2 age divisions (A-18-49 or B - 50+). A newcomer is defined as someone who has 50 hours or fewer of ballroom dance instruction (any type of ballroom instruction from any instructor) by the debut event of the current tour season and must have competed in no more than 5 NDCA competitions prior to the start of the tour. Amateur competitors may enter both the Newcomer Multi Dance Division and the Bronze Scholarship, they may NOT dance in the Newcomer Multi Dance Division and the Silver or Advanced Scholarship.

  • Anyone winning a Pro Award must be present at the MIB Tour Finale presentation to receive their award. Exception to this rule would include: written medical reasons, or death in the family.

  • Tour Finale: No entries added following the posting of the heat lists of the tour finale competition, shall contribute to the professional follow's overall points. Exceptions may be made by majority vote of the board of Directors in instances of injury or emergency. 

  • Ties: In the event of an exact points tie, the prize money of the two placements shall be combined and equally distributed between the awardees. In the event of a tie at 6th place the prize money will be split.

  • At each competition there will be an optional social activity available at an additional expense. You do not have to sign up or participate in this fun activity to be eligible for top pro or top amateur awards. 

  • NOTE: there are no gender restrictions for this tour, or for the Grand Tour Awards. The only qualification is that the Amateur must be the leader and the Professional must be the follower in the Am-Pro team. 

The Point System

  • The scoring system for the Pro Awards reflects the MIB Tour which includes both participation points and placements points for each of the professionals' amateur partners participating in the MIB events at each competition. These 3 types of points are explained in detail in the "Pro Awards Point Structure" below. ​

  • The MIB All-In Smooth (all levels & 18+ ages) Scholarship does not count towards the MIB Tour Awards for amateur dancers in an effort to keep the playing field level between the amateur leads in all styles, but the All-In Smooth DOES accumulate participation, placement, and bonus points towards the Pro Awards for the professional. ​

  • Please be aware of the any and all differences between the Pro Awards' point system for professionals and the MIB amateur leads' award system. It is the responsibility of all participants, amateur and pro, to be aware of all of the participation rules to help keep the tour as fair as possible and encourage excellence on the dance floor. 

  • Points Certification: The board of directors of the MIB Dance Tour reserve the right to exercise discretion in certifying the points awarded in the Pro Awards. In particular, the board of directors will certify points that are aligned with the spirit of the MIB Dance tour and mission which include promoting equality, fostering a culture of excellence in education and improving the lives of students. The board of directors' decision regarding the certification of the points will be final and binding.

Pro Award Point Structure:

The scoring system at a glance 

  • Participation Points: Each am/pro team receives a participation point for dancing in an MIB Scholarship or MIB multi dance event regardless of their placement. Every MIB event entered will earn 1 point. 

  • Placement Points: Each am/pro team will receive points determined by the number of competitors in a scholarship or championship final and 2 points for each call back. 

Example of points awarded for a 6 couple final recalled from a semi-final:

1st place= 1pt + 6pts + 2pts = 9 pts

2nd place = 1pt + 5pts + 2pts = 8 pts

3rd place= 1pt + 4pts + 2pts = 7 pts

4th place = 1pt + 3pts + 2 pts = 6 pts

5th place = 1pt + 2pts + 2 pts = 5 pts

6th place = 1 pt + 1pt + 2 pts = 4 pts

* Note: Established NDCA rules and the Chairman of Judges of the event determines if there should be more than 6 couples in a final. The MIB Dance Tour and the Pro Awards has no control over these standardized rules that all NDCA competitions must follow.

  • Bonus Points: You will receive 1 point per qualified amateur lead that attends the competition. A qualified lead is someone that enters a minimum of 1 MIB scholarship or MIB multi dance at a participating Tour competition. Example: If you bring 3 students to a MIB participating competition & they all dance at least 1 MIB Scholarship or MIB Championship, then your bonus points will be 3 points total.


MIB Tour

Season Opener

Coming Soon

Winners 2023/2024 Season

1st: Maura Garuccio

2nd: Mary Pinizzotto

3rd: Emily Mertens

4th: Yuilya Sinevych

5th: Stephanie Munteanu

6th: Kristina Kudelko

Izabela Lewandowski

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