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The Leading Follows Pro Awards

Current Leaderboard

See specific rules below regarding participation, placement, and bonus points for Pro Awards (these rules are slightly different than the MIB amateur leader rules), as stated on Dec 10,2021. 

Updated 12/10/22

The Leading Follows Pro Awards

Info & Details

MIB Dance has teamed up with the Leading Follows Tour to create the Grand Tour. Where as MIB Dance will be rewarding and recognizing the amateur leaders in our Grand Tour, the Leading Follows Tour's mission is to  recognize the hard work and dedication of the professional followers in the dancesport industry. The Leading Follows Tour will be fully sponsoring the end of season awards for professionals on the Grand Tour. The Top Teacher Purse is $32,000. 

Participation & Rules

  • Professional and Amateur must be registered with the NDCA and current on dues to participate in the tour. 

  • Participation in any of the MIB scholarship or MIB championship events at any one of the six participating tour competitions will earn you points for the Grand Tour Awards.

  • Please be aware as stated clearly on all MIB entry forms, your student may only enter one level of MIB scholarship per style. If you should enter 2 levels in a style with a student, and the competition misses this error, under no circumstances will MIBdance award any type of points for the 2nd level to a teacher or student dancing 2 levels in a style. You will only receive points for 1 level. 

  • Competitors winning any of the top teacher awards must be present at the Grand Tour Finale presentation (2022/2023 season at San Diego Beach Bash) to receive their award. Exceptions to this rule would include written medical reason, or death in the family.  

  •  Professional leaderboard & amateur leaderboard. All leaderboards will be posted publicly on this website​​​ once updated.

  • Our Newcomer Championships are open to all ages and offered in all 4 styles. A newcomer is defined for MIB events as someone who has had less than 50 lessons prior to the start of the tour. 

  • NOTE: there are no gender restrictions for this tour, or for the Grand Tour Awards. The only qualification is that in Am-Pro the Amateur must be the leader and the Professional must be the follower in the team. 
Grand Tour Awards Top Teacher

The Point 

  • The Leading Follows Pro Awards point system is based solely on the participation and placements in MIB Tour scholarships &/or newcomer championship events at participating competitions during the season. There will be no points given for single dances or non MIB scholarship or non MIB championship events. 

  • ​Points will be accumulated throughout the entire season. Professionals will earn points for each of their students participating

  • . You will receive 1 point for each student participating in a MIB scholarship or MIB championship event regardless of placement 

  • Each am/pro team will receive points determined by the number of competitors in a scholarship or championship final and 2 points for each call back. 

LF Award Point Structure:

The scoring system at a glance 8/10/2022.

  • Participation Points: Each am/pro team receives a participation point for entering a MIB Scholarship or MIB Championship event regardless of their placement. Every MIB event entered will earn 1 point. 

  • Placement Points: Each am/pro team will receive points determined by the number of competitors in a scholarship or championship final and 2 points for each call back. 

6 couple from semi placement point example:

1st place= 6 pts + 2 pts= 8 pts

2nd place = 5 pts + 2 pts= 7 pts

3rd place=  4 pts + 2 pts= 6 pts

4th place = 3 pts + 2 pts= 5 pts

5th place = 2 pts + 2 pts= 4 pts

6th place = 1 pt + 2 pts= 3 pts

  • Bonus Points: You will receive 1 point per qualified amateur lead that attends the competition. A qualified lead is someone that enters a minimum of 1 MIB scholarship or MIB championship at a participating Tour competition. Example: You bring 3 students to a MIB participating competition & they all dance at least 1 MIB Scholarship or MIB Championship, your bonus points will be 3 points total.

NOTE: the Leading Follows Award point system is slightly different then the MIB amateur lead award system to help to keep the amateur lead events and awards as fair as possible keeping a level playing field. .


Honors &

Leading Follows Pro Awards

  • 1st Place: $13,000

  • 2nd Place: $8,000

  • 3rd Place: $5,000

  • 4th Place: $3,000

  • 5th Place: $2,000

  • 6th Place: $1,000

1st Place Professional will also receive an exquisite  trophy designed by Esther Ching.

MIB Tour


Season Opener

Apr. 26- May 1st, 2022

Emerald Ball

Los Angles, CA

presented by

Wayne & Donna Eng

Website & Info

July 28-30th, 2022

Volunteer Dance Challenge

Nashville, TN

presented by

David Meideros

Website & Info

August 10-13th, 2022

Heart of America 

Kansas City, MO

presented by

Eric & Michelle Hudson

Website & Info

November 15-20th, 2022

Ohio Star Ball

Columbus, OH

presented by

Sam Sodano

Website & Info

March 2-4th, 2023

Vegas Open

Las Vegas, NV

presented by

Maria Hansen & Mikal Watkins

Website & Info

Season Finale

April 4-8th, 2023

San Diego Beach Bash

San Diego, CA

presented by

Toni Redpath, Jonathon Roberts & Michael Mead

Website & Info

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